Sometimes the right pivot is hiding in plain sight.

If your runway is disappearing and the investors are disgruntled that the promises you made in the last funding round aren’t anywhere near coming true then do something to save yourself and your startup. 

An investor wants a return and if it’s from you making a 9 or 10 figure exit, that’s fantastic. If it’s selling off your IP to recoup some of their investment, as they show you and your team the door, it’s not the end of the world… them. Get a reboot before the sell-off and find raving-fan customers through a pivot on one or more of the five main parts of the business model section

If your customers aren’t buying, despite all the things you’ve been trying, sometimes fresh but experienced eyes will  give you the clarity that you’re after. 

The fate of too many late stage startups is to have a great idea that solves a problem but never find a sustainable business model.

A Yonder-assisted reboot will save you months of time, effort and anxiety because in a couple of weeks, you’re going have evidence and on your next steps.

You’re going to find new customers that recognise the value of your products, new revenue models and an implementation roadmap.

Or you might find that there’s a missing piece in the desirability, feasibility or viability of your idea.  Whichever it is, you’re going to re-discover your confidence and direction.

And that’s when you’ll find your extraordinary .

Your Commercialisation Re-boot Catalyst

Ross McKay started and exited 11 businesses in the consulting, construction, commercial design, validation and hospitality fields. He also had a stint as a public service senior executive working on major projects in Canberra. Amongst those 11 startups, four were profitable exits, six were somewhere between meh and okay and one was a total disaster.

The disaster occurred because, through a mix of ignoring the lean business development processes he’d been using for a decade, along with passion for the business and dogged determination in the face of reality, he invested in building the product before finding a profitable market.

Ross spent his life’s savings to receive an unforgettable education. But, it enabled him to realise his purpose of helping ordinary people though persistence, resilience & kindness achieve extraordinary things.  

What's Different About Our Commercialisation Reboot Program?


We place an intense focus on your most critical constraint, ie the thing that will kill the company if not addressed. Sure, we consider every facet of the business operations but we must find a solution fit for your most critical issue, otherwise, nothing else matters.

If it's to be done, do it fast

Our unique methodology and time-boxed sprints means together we can find a new direction or a problem worth solving in weeks rather than months.

Applied Tools

When you need to reboot, the last thing to want is to go back to school. You get a full set of our tools, set up so you can quickly and accurately capture the data needed to make decisions.

You decide

Done with you, done for you or done by you. Our involvement is dependant on your needs, time constraints and budget.


What People Say About Us

‘The Yonder crew helped us see our world differently and discover opportunities we hadn’t realised were viable before. It was intense but we always knew  the answer was hiding there somewhere’ Tech startup founder too shy to reveal their name 

How We Can Help

In-House Accelerator

Yonder Accelerator in a Box is a 17 week in-house or cohort-based program presented by Yonder in conjunction with serial entrepreneur and LeanStack founder Ash Maurya.

Through one-on-one coaching, online tools and peer-to-peer support, teams will run sprints with the outcome of gaining traction and revenue or learning the problem isn’t worth solving after all. We encourage the whole team to participate in the accelerator.

LeanStack provides world-class tools, content and coaching to help founder and new-product teams to systematically find product/market fit to scale their business.

Yonder is Australia’s premier Leanstack Practitioner & Certified Mentor

Professional Lean Mentor

Looking for a mentor instead? Someone to hold your hand (figuratively speaking) while you do the process?

Ross has a limited number of mentoring session times put aside for those serious about commercialising their idea.

Contact Ross directly here

We all get into startups to achieve exponential growth, not buy ourselves a job. Hell, startup founders work a lot harder than most wage-slaves because we know there’s a huge upside.  But when you’re flatlining instead of achieving your forecast 10X growth, you can question your sanity. Sometimes it just takes an experienced outsider to look at all aspects of your business and then guide you to a pivot. 
To learn how get off the flatline and onto the 10X train, given us a call. 


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